Distributed Solar Power in Brazil

6 de agosto de 2018
por  Administrador

Distributed Solar Power Generation in Brazil: State of the Art and Perspectives

Brazil is Latin America’s largest renewable energy market. Currently, 72% of the electricity generated in Brazil comes from renewable sources [1], and among that, solar power has experienced the most significant growth over the last decade.

Brazil has one of highest solar potential in the world. The average solar incidence in the country territory is 397Wh/sqm, twice the value in Germany. This potential combined with recent cost-reduction in solar power technologies has pushed the investments in this source in Brazil in the last decade and creates a promising growing perspective for the next years.

This article aims to present the state-of-the-art of solar power in Brazil, and its panorama, with a specific view on the sub-topic of distributed solar. Throughout this paper, the author analyses the solar power market in this country from the technical, legal and economic dimensions.

In the technical dimension, the author explores the potential and of generation, as well as the challenges to integrating solar into the Brazilian grid. In the legal dimensions, incentives programs and constraints are explored. In the economic dimension, the author aims to present the economic feasibility of solar power in Brazil. Finally, in the fourth chapter. The author presents the perspectives and challenges for the future of solar power in the country.

Image source: https://oglobo.globo.com/rio/belga-investe-em-projeto-que-usa-paineis-de-energia-solar-para-iluminar-imoveis-em-favela-18656687

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